Policy - Strategy on maternal and child health care

End year:
Published by:
Government of Armenia
Published year:
July 2015
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
July 2003
Adopted by:
Government of Armenia
Type of policy:
Health sector policy, strategy or plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Objectives of Maternal and children health care  (by  2015 within defined terms) 

  • Reduce the level of mortality in children (0-1.) and under  5, at least, for  1/3  (it should not exceed  10% by  2015), including 30% reduction in diseases of respiratory ways , and 50 %  with  diarrhea  
  • Reduce the number of low weight and prematurely born children by 1/3 (by 2015 it should not exceed 7%).
  • Reduce cases with anemia in children and pregnant women by 50% (by 2015).
  • Ensure exclusive breast feeding for 65% of infants fewer than 4 and 40% for infants under 6 months and continue it during the second year of life (by 2009).  
  • Through state and private sectors joint cooperation find solutions for iodine deficiency problem (2008).  
  • Ensure exclusion of iodinated salt deficiency (2008)
  • Reduce chronical malnutrition in children, at least, by 1/3 (deficit of weight-age indicator for children under 0-5 should not exceed 8%) by 2015. 
  • Introduce  measures directed at exclusion of pollution factors in the environment (water, infection at birth, smoke, food contamination)
  • Encourage breast feeding and expand initiative on implementation of the program “Friendly hospitals for children”
  • Persistent control over nutrition of children under 5 and women, development of improved nutrition program  

WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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