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Programme: KickStart Breakfast

Programme description

KickStart Breakfast is the only school breakfast programme of its kind within New Zealand, whereby some food and beverage companies cereal and milk to lower decile schools (schools in lower income areas). However, it is the school that is responsible for delivering the programme. There are no nutrition requirements set for this programme by the Ministry of Social Development; any decisions around nutritional requirements are matters for the individual schools.

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This programme action is included in the “International Network for Food and Obesity / non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support”(INFORMAS) “Benchmarking Food Environments: Experts’ Assessments of Policy Gaps and Priorities for the New Zealand Government” within the Food Prices policy domain as an example of an initiative in New Zealand aimed at food-related income support programs for healthy foods.

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Start date:

New Zealand
Target group: 
School age children (SAC)
Implementation details : 

The Government support will initially enable the food & beverage companies to extend the current programme from two days a week to five days a week for the schools that currently participate and offer the KickStart Breakfast programme to any other decile one to decile four schools.

Target population size : 
Coverage level (%): 
KickStart Breakfast, currently provides breakfasts twice a week to children in more than 570 decile one to four schools around New Zealand (At 1 July 2013, there were about 1016 decile 1-4 schools).
Outcome indicator(s): 

The number of children receiving breakfast

Outcome reported by social determinants: 
Vulnerable groups
Socio-economic status

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