Policy - United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2012-2016

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Non-national nutrition policy document


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Outcome 2: By 2016, government formulates and implements harmonized, equity focused and gender sensitive MDG oriented key legislation, policies and budgets in accordance with the Government’s commitments to international human rights conventions

Indicator 2.6: National Food and Nutrition Security Policy and Programme prepared. Baseline: 0


Outcome 3: By 2016, quality equity focused, rights-based, and gender sensitive data collection and analysis and harmonized information systems serve the development of informed social, economic, and environmental policies, budgets, legislation, and programmes.

Indicator 3.5: No of Persons trained in Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information Mapping Systems. Baseline: 0

Indicator 3.6: Dataset of Vulnerability/Food Insecurity Indicators compiled.

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