Policy - United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Zambia

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UN Country Team
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Government of Zambia, UN
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Non-national nutrition policy document


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Several SNDP goals are relevant to UNDAF Outcome 3 including (among others) the goals in the areas of health, education and social security. The SNDP
goal on health is to attain significant reductions in maternal and child mortality rates in line with health related MDGs. The specific SNDP goals on education include (for example) to provide access for every girl and boy to nine years of free, basic education of good quality; and improve efficiency in the management of education. The SNDP goal on social protection is to protect and promote the rights of all vulnerable Zambians by ensuring that incapacitated and low capacity households have sufficient knowledge and capacity to demand and utilize basic services, and are protected from the impact of risk, shocks and shifting vulnerabilities. The SNDP goals and UNDAF Outcome 3 contribute to the achievement of MDGs 1-7 and promote the rights to health, food, education and social security.
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