Policy - National Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy

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Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


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Strategic Objectives and Activities for the Nutrition SBCC Strategy

 SO1. Enhance nutrition behaviours of women, caregivers, family and community members, and those who influence them.

1.1  Improve nutrition knowledge, attitudes and related skills

1.2  Increase demand for quality nutrition SBCC, services and products

1.3  Increase access to quality nutrition SBCC, services and products

1.4 Increase social support (family, friends, peers) and collective actions for quality nutrition SBCC, services and products

1.5 Improve provider attitudes and provider-client relationships in nutrition information, counseling and other nutrition SBCC services


SO2. Enhance the enabling environment for positive nutrition social and behaviour change.

2.1 Enhance visibility and positioning of nutrition at all levels of society

2.2 Improve public perceptions of socio-cultural norms and gender roles favourable to Nutrition 

2.3 Increase resource mobilization through public and private sector engagement and ownership

2.4 Increase advocacy to strengthen policies, services and integrated systems supporting nutrition


SO3. Enhance capacity for SOTA nutrition SBCC at national and decentralized levels

3.1 Strengthen Institutional Capacity to manage and implement SBCC Nutrition programming at national and decentralized levels

3.2 Build and Use an Evidence Base for nutrition SBCC data, information and best practices

3.3 Increase access to and sharing of SOTA Knowledge, Expertise, Tools and Best Practices in SBCC programming

3.4 Improve coordination for harmonization and streamlining of nutrition SBCC activities



WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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