Action - SKY Sokhapeap Kon Youeng - Our Child Health - Prevention or treatment of moderate malnutrition - Infants and young children|Lactating women (LW)|Pregnant women (PW)


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End date:

Banteay Meanchey, 3 health centers, 6 villages
Target group: 
Infants and young children
Lactating women (LW)
Pregnant women (PW)
Age group: 
0-59 months
Primary health care center
Implementation details : 

<p>5 staff</p>

Target population size : 
Coverage level (%): 
Outcome indicator(s): 

<ul><li>% of children 0-23 months who were put to the breast within one hour of birth</span></li><li>% of infants (0-5 months of age) exclusively breast-fed during past 24 hours</span></li><li>% of children 6-23 months of age who received minimum meal frequency during the previous day</span></li><li>% of children 6-23 months of age who were fed with minimum dietary diversity (four or more food groups) during the previous day</span></li><li>Proportion of children 0-23 months with diarrhea in the past two weeks, who were treated with oral rehydration solution (ORS), zinc and appropriate feeding</span></li><li>% of mothers of children age 0-23 months who had four or more antenatal visits during last pregnancy (as verified by ANC record)</span></li><li>% of mothers with children 0-23 months of age consumed at least 90 iron/folic acid tablets during last pregnancy</span></li><li>% of mothers with children 0-23 months who delivered their baby with a skilled birth attendant</span></li><li>% of mothers with children 0-23 months of age consumed at least 42 iron/folic acid tablets during the first six weeks after the delivery of the youngest child</span></li><li>% of mothers with children 0-23 months of age who received at least two post-natal visits from a trained health care worker during the first week after the birth of their youngest child</span></li><li>% of children age 12-23 months who have completed 3rd DTP dose plus measles vaccination</span></li></ul>

M&E system: 

<ul><li>Household survey (with anthropometry 0-23 months) 0-59 months</li><li>LQAS</li><li>Register Child 0-36 months</li><li>Weighing every 2 months</li><li>Home visit</li></ul>

Stunting under fives 23.2%Wasting under fives 8.9%Underweight under fives 18.3%


Outcome reported by social determinants: 
Vulnerable groups


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