Action - chTIS Child Health Targets Impact Study - Prevention or treatment of moderate malnutrition - Infants and young children

Programme: chTIS Child Health Targets Impact Study

Programme description

The chTIS will build an evidence-base to demonstrate programme effectiveness of WV's 7-11 strategy through a 2-arm quasi-experimental study focusing on assessment of the impact of a Core Intervention Package: timed and targeted counseling, Community Care Coalitions, Citizens Voice in Action

Goal: To measure and report on the effectiveness of World Vision's core 7-11 programming to improve and enhance child health around the world in a scientifically rigorous manner that will withstand peer-review.

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Siem Reap, Preah Vihear, Kampong Chnang, Kampong Thom
Target group: 
Infants and young children
Lactating women (LW)
Pregnant women (PW)
Age group: 
-9 to 59 months
Primary health care center
Target population size : 
Coverage level (%): 
Outcome indicator(s): 

-ANC visits
-Proportion of women who were offered and accepted counseling and testing for HIV during most recent pregnancy, and received their test results
-Prevalence of anaemia in women of reproductive age
-Tetanus toxoid immunization
-Iron/Folate supplementation
-Food consumption
- Antihelminthic treatment
- Percent of pregnant women who slept under a LLIN the previous night
- Proportion of parents or caregivers practicing birth spacing
- Proportion of infants whose births were attended by skilled birth attendant
- Delivery at health facility
-Post birth wrapping
-Cord was kept clean and dry
-Breastfeeding practices: Immediate
-Breastfeeding practices: Exclusive
-Continued Breastfeeding
-Postnatal Care
-Care-seeking behavior
Birth to under five years
-Coverage of essential vaccines
-Proportion of parents or caregivers with children under 5 with presumed pneumonia who report that the child was taken to appropriate health provider
-Proportion of households where all children under five slept under a bednet (ITN/LLIN) the previous night
-Proportion of children who received correct treatment for malaria
-Hygienic practices
-Growth monitoring
-Complementary Feeding
-Vitamin A supplementation
-Proportion of children given appropriate feeding during illness
-Proportion of young children receiving a minimum meal frequency
-Proportion of children consuming (daily) iron rich and fortified foods
-Proportion of children who received iron dose/tablet last week
-Proportion of children receiving minimum required food groups
-Prevalence of stunting in children under 5 years
-Prevalence of underweight in children under 5 years
-Prevalence of wasting in children under 5 years



M&E system: 
  • Baseline data collection (household, hemoglobin testing and health facility survey)
  • Mini Knowledge Practice and Coverage Survey
  • Qualitative study (for mid-term and endline)
  • Endline survey



Baseline report will be published around August 2014


Outcome reported by social determinants: 
Vulnerable groups

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