Policy - Estrategía Boliviana de Reducción de la Pobreza—EBRP [Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper – PRSP]

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March 2001
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No / No information
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Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 


B. Priorities

227. Promoting human capacities: (i) Education with emphasis on primary school; (ii) health with emphasis on primary health care, immunizations, ARIs [Infecciones Respiratorias Agudas—IRAs), DDAs [Enfermedades Diarreícas AgudasEDAs), care for mothers, elimination of endemic diseases and promotion of nutrition; and (iii) basic sanitation with emphasis on rural areas


359. The priority of the BPRS in health coincides with the main objective of Health

Reform: to reduce maternal-child mortality rates and control the major endemic diseases.

Five courses of action were identified to achieve this objective:

(a) efficient management of human resources;

(b) expansion of the health insurance system;

(c) control of transmissible diseases and strengthening of the epidemiological surveillance system;

(d) improvement of nutritional quality and status of the population; and

(e) development of the cross-cultural approach in health.


Matrix 5.7 describes the strategic actions given priority in the action plan, regulatory instruments and responsible institutions

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