Policy - Statutory order on use of the Keyhole label

June 2009
Published by:
The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Published year:
June 2009
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Type of policy:
Voluntary codes or measures relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details
The Keyhole label
Art. 2. The Keyhole label is a voluntary nutrition label that, within the foodstuff categories listed in annex 2, emphasises the better choice of foodstuffs based on criteria relating to the fat content and, where relevant, sugar types, salt and dietary fibre.
Conditions for use of the Keyhole label
Art. 3. Sweetening agents (additives) and approved novel foods or new foodstuff ingredients with sweetening characteristics may not be used in Keyhole labelled foods.
2. Oil and/or other fat used in Keyhole labelled food stuffs may contain a maximum of 2 grams of industrially produced trans-fatty acids per 100 grams of oil and/or fat.
Art. 4. The Keyhole label may only be used in the marketing of pre-packaged foodstuffs that are covered by the foodstuff categories covered by annex 2 and which conform to the criteria for all the nutrients associated with the foodstuff category in question.
Art. 5. The Keyhole label may only be used in the marketing of non-pre-packaged foodstuffs that are covered by foodstuff categories 12, 18 and 19 in annex 2 and which conform to the relevant criteria in the annex.
Art. 6. The Keyhole label shall be used on the wrapping of pre-packaged foodstuffs when it is also intended to use the label in any other form of marketing of these foodstuffs.
Art. 7. Foodstuffs that are intended for children under 3 may not be labelled with the Keyhole label.




WCRF International analysis of how this policy action can promote healthier diets and reduce obesity

This policy action is included in the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International NOURISHING policy repository as an example of "Nutrition label standards and regulations on the use of claims and implied claims on foods: Clearly visible "interpretative" labels.The government has set nutritional criteria for the use of the Keyhole logo. The aim is to help consumers choose products that contain less fat, salt and sugar. Use of the logo is voluntary, but products must conform to the nutrition criteria. In March 2014, the Norwegian government initiated a consultation on the criteria used in the Keyhole symbol."

NOURISHING is a Food Policy Framework for Healthy Diets available at: http://www.wcrf.org/policy_public_affairs/nourishing_framework/


ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Summary and policy information obtained from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International

Further notes: 

The authorities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have agreed to use the 'Keyhole' as a joint nutrition label (http://www.norden.org/en/theme/nordic-nutrition-recommendation/keyhole-n...). Read the Norwegian keyhole law in GINA at https://extranet.who.int/nutrition/gina/en/node/23012 Read the Swedish keyhole law in GINA at https://extranet.who.int/nutrition/gina/en/node/23011

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