Policy - The Business Plan for Better Nutrition 2011-2015

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Published by:
National Nutrition Agency (NaNA), The Government of Republic of The Gambia
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

This Business Plan for Better Nutrition (2011-2015) is an accompaniment to the National Nutrition Policy (2010-2020) and the costed Strategic Plan (2011-2015).


1.7 Vision

A Gambia Free of Malnutrition


1.8 Goal

To attain optimal nutritional requirements of The Gambian population, and to assure a healthy and sustainable livelihood.


2.2 Objective of the Plan

The objective of this Business Plan is to raise funds for nutrition in the country so that its population can attain optimal nutritional requirements thereby leading healthy and productive lives to assure sustainable livelihoods.

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