Policy - Sixth Five Year Plan. FY2011-FY2015. Accelerating Growth and Reducing Poverty.

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Planning Commission. Ministry of Planning. Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
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July 2011
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Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The Government’s Vision for Health

Within the broader context of Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the Government’s vision for health, nutrition and population sector is as follows: “The Government seeks to create conditions whereby the people of Bangladesh have the opportunity to reach and maintain the highest attainable level of health. It is a vision that recognizes health as a fundamental human right and, therefore, the need to promote health and to alleviate ill health and suffering in the spirit of social justice. This vision derives from a value framework that is based on the core values of access, equity, gender equality and ethical conduct.”


Table 5.2 Health, Population and Nutrition Targets for the SFYP

Indicators, Impact/Outcome:

9 Prevalence of Night blindness among pregnant women Base value: 2.90% FY2015 target: 1%

10 Underweight of Under 5 children (6-59 months) Base value: 41% (BDHS 2007) FY2015 target: 33%

11 Stunting of Under- 5 children 16-59 months) Base value: 43% (BDHS 2007) FY2015 target: 25%

Indicators, Output:

33 VAC coverage (6 m-6 y) Base value: 98%- 100% FY2015 target: 98%- 100%

34 Postnatal VAC supplementation Base value: 29% FY2015 target: 80%

35 Severe anemia (Children) Base value: 64% FY2015 target: 50%

36 Severe anemia (Pregnant women) Base value: 46% FY2015 target: 40%

37 Exclusive breast feeding of children (less than 6 months) Base value: 42% FY2015 target: 80%

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