Policy - Decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade No. 153/MPP/KEP/5/2001 Re Compulsory application of Indonesian National Standard/SNI to wheat flour as foodstuffs (SNI.01.3751-2000/Rev.1995 and its revision)

November 2001
Published by:
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Published year:
May 2001
Is the policy document adopted?:
Type of policy:
Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

The Decree provides for the addition of iron, zinc, B1 and B2 vitamin and folic acid to foodstuff in order to supplement its nutritional values. Wheat floor shall be the foodstuff of election for its widespread use and the application of the Indonesian National Standard shall be mandatory. Both domestic production and foreign importation of wheat flour shall be compliant with the SNI standard.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Summary and document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of FAO Legal Office / http://faolex.fao.org.


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