Policy - г.Бишкек от 11 марта 2009 года N 78 ЗАКОН КЫРГЫЗСКОЙ РЕСПУБЛИКИ Об обогащении муки хлебопекарной (Law No. 78 “On enrichment of bread flour")

June 2009
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March 2009
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June 2009
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


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This Law establishes legal grounds for the provision of population with safe flour, enriched (fortified) with vitamins and minerals, or only mineral food additives. The Act consists of 5 Sections divided into 14 articles: (1) general provisions; (2) plenary powers of the Government, territorial state administration and local self-government in the sphere of flour enrichment; (3) state regulation in the sphere of provision of the population with enriched bread flour; (4) enrichment of bread flour; and (5) conclusive provisions. Quality and safety requirements for bread flour processed at the national level, imported and traded in the country shall be set by technical regulatory standards. Producers and suppliers of bread flour shall certify its enrichment. Only authorized and certified vitamin and mineral food additives shall be used for bread flour enrichment.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Summary and document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of FAO Legal Office / http://faolex.fao.org.


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