Policy - Republican Resolution No. 13 issuing the Implementing Regulation of the Law No. 32 of 1996 regarding the addition of iodine to table salt. قرار جمهوري رقم (13) لسنة 2003 م بشأن اللائحة التنفيذية للقانون رقم ١٣ لسنة ١٩٩٦م بشأن اضافة اليود الى ملح الطعام

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Presidential Office
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

This Resolution consists of 3 Chapters divided into 21 articles: Terms and definition are given in Chapter I. Chapter II defines competencies and duties of the Food Department at the Ministry of Public Health and Population. Chapter III contains concluding provisions. The iodization by adding the iodinated of potassium to table salt shall not exceed 0.000035-0.000040 (art. 1). Descriptions and requirements for the additive material are specified in article 4. All producers and distributors of salt shall write on salt-packages the phrase "not suitable for human and animal consumption" (art. 6). Characteristics and requirements necessary for salt packages, and contents of table salt labels are provided for in article 7 and 8. The Department shall implement the provisions of this Law in order to increase the national consciousness regarding the importance of these provisions, and shall coordinate the concerned authorities (art. 11). The competences of the Yemenite Authority for Standardization and Metrology are to comply with the adopted Standards, to carry out the necessary analysis and examinations, and to inform the concerned authorities about offences and contraventions (art. 12). Competences and duties of the Environment Health and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce are provided for in articles 13 and 14.


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