Policy - National Action Plan for Food and Nutrition 2006 - 2010

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National Development Planning Board
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Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 
1. General Objective
To realize the people with good nutrition condition as the basis for achieving people who are healthy, intelligent, and productive through strengthening the naional and regional resilience in food and nutrition in the year 2010.
2. Special Objective
i. Increase knowledge, attitude and behavior of healthy living with the high awareness to nutrition of the people as part of the efforts for improvement of
people’s nutrition.
ii. Increase the capacity of the peole and the individual to access food with balanced nutrition needed for healthy living, which is reflected from the
availability of sufficient, good in amount as well as in the the nutrition quality of food, safe, evenly distributed and affordable.
iii. Increase the capacity of the people and the individual for access to nutrition and health services evenly, affordable and in quality as well as cost-effective.
iv. Increase the access of the family to nutrition and health information to form a food and nutrition awareness behavior as well as living healthy.
v. Support the policy and efforts in alleviation of poverty through special nutrition services for the poor people therefore realizing public nutrition improvement as a capital in reducing poverty.
vi. Increase the security of food circulated through increased food producer participation and implementation of effective and efficient supervision.
1.Reduce prevalence of various forms of malnutrition, which are lack of nutrition, lack of iron, lack of vitamin A, and lack of iodine, in the year 2010, at least becoming 50 percent of the prevalence in the year 2005, as well as to prevent the increasing prevalence of overweight due to excess nutrition.
2.Increase the consumption of food per capita to fulfill the need of a balanced nutrition with sufficient energy of minimal 2,000 kcal/day and protein as much as 52 grams/day and sufficient micro nutrients as well as to increase the food variety with a score of Food Pattern Expectancy (PPH) minimal 85, therefore the consumption of rice will decline as much as 1 percent per year, root plants to increase 1-2 percent per year, vegetables to increase 4.5 percent per year, fruits increase 5 percent per year, and livestock food increase 2 percent per year.
3.Reduce the number of population experiencing vulnerable food consumption by making effective the food distribution system and increasing the easiness/ capacity of the people to access to food, including fotified food.
4.Maintain availability of energy per capita minimal 2.200 kcal/day and provision of protein per capita minimal 57 grams/day, especially animal protein as well as increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits.
5.Increase coverage and quality of nutrition services to the people especially to vulnerabvle groups with the following targets :
           i. Increase giving of exclusive breast feeding milk to babies until 6 months of age.
           ii. Increase the percentage of children aged 6 - 24 months to obtain the right food supplement to breast feeding milk(MP - ASI).
           iii. Reduction of prevalence of anaemia in pregnant mothers and Fertile Age Women.
           iv. Increase effectiveness of surveillance and intervention in WUS, pregnant mothers and young women having risks of Chronic Energy Deficiency                      (LILA < 23,5 cm).
           v. Reduction of prevalence to xerophthalmia.

6.Increase knowledge and capacity of the family to apply the healthy living pattern and awareness behavior in food and nutrition, which is indicated by increase of access to nutrition services and family food consumption.

7.Increase security, quality and hygiene of food consumed by the people by reducing violations towards food security regulations until 90 percent and increasing research in order to seek for safe preservatives and affordable by the poor people.

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