Policy - National Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy and Strategy 2009-2013

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Ministry of Public Health
Published year:
September 2009
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Executive Board
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Nutrition policy, strategy or plan focusing on specific nutrition areas


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

2.3. Goal and objective of the National IYCF Policy and Strategy

The IYCF Policy and Strategy is designed to contribute to the objectives of the Afghanistan National Health and Nutrition Sector Strategy 2008-2013 of reducing child and maternal mortality and malnutrition.

Its overall goal is the same as the overall goal of the Public Nutrition Policy and Strategy, namely: To reduce all forms of undernutrition, thereby improving the growth, development and health of Afghan infants and young children, through improved infant and young child feeding practices.

The objective of the Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy, and its associated Strategy is:
To increase the percentage of child caregivers adopting appropriate infant and young child feeding and caring practices (by 20%, by 2013).

Strategic components and approaches to achieve this objective are described in section 3 of the present document.


2.4.  Purpose of the Infant and Young Child Feeding Policy and Strategy

The purpose of the present Policy and Strategy is to describe the Government of Afghanistan’s position on IYCF, in accordance with the Global Strategy on IYCF. All key stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in IYCF, notably health sector professionals, NGOs, UN agencies, military, and private sector, are responsible, and will be held accountable, for respecting the present Policy.

This document also clarifies the strategies that need to be adopted and interventions to be implemented to achieve the policy objectives. It will serve to support advocacy and resource mobilization, as well as coordination between the main implementing partners (MoPH Departments, BPHS partners, NGOs, UN, private sector, communities). Finally, it provides guidance on how to monitor the protection and promotion of optimal IYCF in Afghanistan.

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