Policy - Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations 1995 (No. 77 of 1995)

March 1995
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January 1995
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January 1995
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

The principal provisions of these Regulations: (1) Prohibit sale of infant food which does not comply with packaging, labelling and composition requirements of regulations 2, 3 and 8-16; (2) prescribe requirements for the formulas in the case of export to third (non-EC) countries; (3) limit the advertising of infant and follow-on formulas and impose restrictions on other marketing mechanisms (rrgs. 17-20); (4) prescribe rules for the providing of information and education materials by producers. (24 regulations and 6 Schedules)

(Summary retrieved from FAOLEX)


Link to eLENA "Regulation of marketing breast-milk substitutes" : http://www.who.int/entity/elena/titles/regulation_breast-milk_substitute... / ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Summary and document retrieved from FAOLEX - legislative database of FAO Legal Office / http://faolex.fao.org

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