Policy - Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan 2010-2012

End date:
Published by:
The Government of Tajikistan
Published year:
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Adopted by:
Government of Tajikistan
Type of policy:
Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Food Security and Development of the Agricultural Sector

To increase gross agricultural output volume, ensure food security and allow achieving the MDGs and the priorities of the NDS, including poverty reduction, particularly in the rural areas.

  • To make food available and accessible (economic and physical access) based on the sustainable development of the agricultural sector
  • To ensure food security and to provide nutritional food for the population, particularly the more vulnerable segments
  • To ensure a stable food supply

Expansion of access to the water, sanitation, and housing and municipal services

  • Improve access to drinking water in compliance with government standards
  • Improve access to basic sanitation and hygiene services
  • Improve sanitation and hygiene conditions

Development of the Health Sector

  • To improve child and maternal care
  • To reduce child, infant and maternal mortality
  • To facilitate breastfeeding

Development of the Educational System

  • Promotion of equal access to basic education and other levels of education, taking into account students’ abilities
  • Creating of conductive, healthy conditions for children (light, heating, sanitation and hygiene) 

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