Policy - National Strategy for Development and Integration 2007-2013

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Published year:
March 2008
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Adopted year:
March 2008
Adopted by:
Government of Albania
Type of policy:
Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The strategic goals include key Millennium Development Goals related to poverty reduction, infant mortality, and access to water and sanitation:

  • The water supply and sanitation sector will be developed according to European Union standards, to improve living conditions, conserve the environment, and develop the economy in a sustainable manner.
  • Improve the quality of water by eliminating cases of pollution in the system and achieving the chloride residual target norms from 48% to 100% of all samples by 2015
  • Improve the quality of the service by increasing the average number of hours of water supply from 9.7 to 18 hours per day across the country by 2015
  • By 2013, the share of the population covered by the following services will be: (a) 95% for water supply; (b) 83% for sewerage; and (c) 45% for wastewater treatment.

 Ensure high productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural and agro-processing sectors both domestically and abroad:

  • Increase the quality and safety of agricultural and agro-processing products
  • Higher competitiveness, as a result of lower costs and higher quality, food safety and standards, will strengthen the position of farmers in the market, will raise their income and will introduce safer products in the market for farmers.


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