Policy - Cabinet Decree No (91) for the Year 2013 Concerning Necessary Measures to Address Widespread Malnutrition in the Country

April 2013
Published by:
Republic of Yemen, Council of Ministers, General Secretariat
Published year:
April 2013
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
April 2013
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Type of policy:
Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

1 The Minister of Public Health and Population should work to adopt a comprehensive national strategy for nutrition which involves all concerned sectors and which defines  causes, responses and the relevant implementing agencies.


2 The Ministers of Finance, Planning and International Cooperation and Public Health  are hereby requested to:

a. Take the necessary measures to incorporate the problem of malnutrition into government plans and programs for the coming period to ensure rolling back  its prevalence leading to eventual elimination.

b. Increase the budget allocated for nutrition to ensure continuation of antimalnutrition activities according to the national strategy referred to in paragraph (1) above.


3 This decree is effective on the date 9 April 2013 and shall expire by the enforcement  of its provisions.


4 The decree is to be implemented through the appropriate management measures.


Cabinet Decree No (91) for the Year 2013

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