Policy - Healthy Nutrition and Active Life Program of Turkey

End year:
Published by:
The Ministry of Health of Turkey, General Directorate of Primary Health Care.
Published year:
March 2011
Is the policy document adopted?:
Adopted year:
September 2010
Adopted by:
Prime Ministry offical gazette
Type of policy:
Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

The aim of this program is, to fight effectively with this disease that has an increasing prevalence in Turkey and affecting our children and adolescents; to encourage the individuals to gain the habits of adequate and balanced diet and regular physical activity by increasing the knowledge level of public on fight against obesity subject; and by this way to decrease the prevalence of obesity and obesity related diseases. 



A.1. Supplying political will and determination at national and local level and putting into application.

Aim: To supply effective fight against obesity by making the obesity prevention action plan operational with the coordination of related institutions and organizations for the prevention and decrease of obesity prevalence which is an important health problem.


1. To plan all the activities for the application/ implementation of the “Healthy Nutrition and Active Life Program of Turkey” with the cooperation and coordination of the related institutions at the national and local level.

2. To monitor and evaluate the applications achieved within the scope of action plan.

A.2. Financial arrangements in the management of obesity prevention.

Aim: To supply the required financial support within the frame of budget possibilities for the purpose of implementation of the “Healthy Nutrition and Active Life Program” effectively.

Target: To give a place to the precautions for the prevention of obesity in the policy and budget programs which are going to be developed in the fields of health, agriculture, trade, transportation, education, economics, sport, environment, city planning, working, social security, culture and tourism until 2014.

A.3. To determine the current situation at the national and local level and to support the researches that are going to be done.

Aim: To determine the prevalence of obesity and overweight according to age, gender, regions, socioeconomically development level etc. in Turkey for the purpose of forming basis to the fighting against obesity studies and to determine the risk factors according to the current situation.


1. To provide getting national and international comparable and reliable data.

2. To form the background for the "Turkey Nutrition and Health Survey (TBSA)" which is planned to be made in 2010-2011.

3. To make "Provincial Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health Survey" to be done in regional and/or provincial level.



B.1. To Inform and Make The Society Conscious  About Obesity, Adequate and Balanced Diet   and Physical Activity

Aim: To make the society adequate and balanced diet and regular physical activity habits and to  decrease obesity risk.

Target:  To make the society be aware of obesity and health risks until 2014.

B.2. To Gain The Habit of Adequate and Balanced Diet and Regular Physical Activity for Obesity Prevention in Schools

Aim: To make the pre-school and school children, adolescents, young people gain adequate and balanced diet and regular physical activity habit by including the subject of prevention from obesity in the formal and extensive education programs and to provide contribution to the raising of healthy and productive generations.


1. To inform teachers and students about adequate and balanced diet and physical activity until 2014.

2. To ensure the guidance of children and young people from primary education, secondary education and universities for physical activity, sportive activities and social activities with the cooperation of family, school and media until 2014

3. To increase the physical activity possibilities by taking the budget possibilities into consideration till 2014.

4. To implement the inspections effectively in the food services given in schools and to ensure standardization until 2014.

5. To decrease obesity and overweight prevalence in schools by 5% until 2014.

B.3. Actions for Workplaces

Aim: In order to decrease work power loss and to increase efficiency; organization of the mass catering services for ensuring adequate and balanced diet of the workers, increasing the possibilities of physical activity and decreasing health risks originated from obesity.


1. To inform and to make workers conscious of prevention from obesity until 2014.

2. To increase the mass catering services and physical activity opportunities in the workplaces till 2014.

B.4. Providing Cooperation with Food Industry for Obesity Prevention

Aim: To cooperate with food industry for obesity prevention.

Target: To plan the activities which will be performed with the cooperation of food industry until 2012 and to provide the application of the planned targets by the end of 2014.

B.5. Supporting Adequate and Balanced Nutrition and Active Life in Media News and Advertisements

Aim: To use written and visual media effectively for informing the public in adequate and balanced diet, active life and obesity subjects and to improve the related activities.


1. To update legal arrangements about food advertisements and introductory activities took place in the media until 2013.

2. To give priority to the prevention from obesity subject in the written and visual media and to encourage broadcasting of the informative scientific programs on adequate and balanced diet and physical activity till 2014.

B.6. Encouragement of Physical Activity and Improvement of Environmental Factors

Aim: To create, improve and make widespread the physical activity opportunities for making the public gain physical activity habit.

Target: To increase the public physical activity areas until 2014.



Aim: To evaluate individuals in terms of overweight and obesity who applied to the health institutions, to do consultancy and treatment to the patients who are diagnosed with obesity, to decrease the health expenses resulted from the treatment of obesity and obesity related chronic diseases and to decrease the obesity prevalence.


1. To decrease the formation of obesity 5% among overweight individuals having BMI more than BMI 25 kg/m2 which creates risk for obesity until 2014.

2. To prevent uncontrolled usage of the weight loss drugs until 2012 and to make the bariatric surgery decisions to be taken by the committee (surgeon, gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, dietician, psychologist) formed under the body of the health institution



Aim: To make the "Healthy Nutrition and Active Life Program of Turkey" applied effectively and widely.

Target: To establish monitoring and assessment system until 2011 for the successful application of Healthy Nutrition and Active Life Program of Turkey.



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