Policy - Food Reserve Agency Act

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Government of Zambia
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No / No information
Type of policy:
Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

Part I. Prelimenary


Part II. The Food Reserve Agency

3. Establishment of the agency

4. Functions of the agency


Part III. The National Strategic Food Reserve

5. National strategic food reserve

6. Designation of commodoties

7. Purchase and importation of designated agricultural commodoties

8. Sale of designated agricultural commodoties

9. Receipt of designated agricultural commodity and non-designated agricultural commodoty


Part IV. Crop marketing

10. Market and trading of designated agricultural commodoties

11. Functions of agency

Part V. Weighing and grading standards for designated commodoties

12. Standards of designated agricultural commodity

13. Offence and penalty for misrepresenting grade


Part VI. Registration of traders and processors

14. Functions related to storage facilities and equipment

15. Agri-business activities

16. Standards of conduct of of traders and processors

17. Reports by traders and processors

18. Penalty for failing to register or comply with standards of conduct

19. Power to inspect records

20. Penalties for disregarding registered charge or lien


Part VII. National food emergency

21. Declaration of national food emergency

22. Vesting of Agency  functions 


Part VIII. General

23. Transitional period

24. Vesting of assets and transfer of liabilities

25. Registration of property to be transferred

26. Legal proceedings

27. Regulations

28. Rerpeal of act No. 19 of 1989 (National Agricultural Marketing Act)


Section 3(2)

Part I. Administration of the agency

Part II. Financial provisions


Subsidary legislation

The grain marketing (acceptance standards) regulations




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