Policy - Food and Drugs Act

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Government of Zambia
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

Part II. Genereal provisions.

A. Food

3. Prohibition against sale of poisonous, unwholesome or adulterated food

Any person who sells any food that-

(a) has in or upon it any poisonous or harmful substance; or

(b) consists in whole or in part of any filthy, putrid, rotten, decomposed or diseased substance or foreign matter, or is otherwise unfit for human consumption; or

(c) is adulterated;

shall be guilty of an offence.

4. Deception

Any person who labels, packages, treats, processes, sells or advertises any food in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive as regards its character, nature, value, substance, quality, composition, merit or safety, or in contravention of any regulations made under this Act, shall be guilty of an offence.

5. Standards of foods

Where a standard has been prescribed for any food, any person who labels, packages, sells or advertises any food which does not comply with that standard, in such a manner that it is likely to be mistaken for food of the prescribed standard, shall be guilty of an offence.

6. Prohibition against sale of food not of the nature, substance or quality demanded 

Any person who sells to the prejudice of the purchaser any food which is not of the nature, or is not of the substance, or is not of the quality, of the article demanded by the purchaser, shall be guilty of an offence.

7. Sale and preparation of food under insanitary conditions

Any person who sells, prepares, packages or stores for sale any food under insanitary conditions shall be guilty of an offence.


Subsidary legislation

The food and drugs (warranty) regulations

Part II. Food

Licences (Regulations 16 -21)

Policy (Regulations 22 - 29)

Labelling (Regulations 30 - 49)

Special Dietary Foods (Regulations 50 - 96)

Baking Powder (Regulations 97 - 98)

Cacao Products (Regulations 99 - 109)

Coffee and Chicory (Regulations 110 - 114)

Food Colours (Regulations 115 - 122)

Spices, Dressing and Seasoning (Regulations 123 - 148)

Milk products (Regulations 149 - 197)

Fats and Oils (Regulations 198 - 218)

Flavouring Preparations (Regulations 219 - 243) 

Fruits, Vegatables and their Products (Regulations 244 - 281)

Gelling Agents (Regulations 282 - 283)

Grain and Bakery Products (Regulations 284 - 299)

Meat, its Preparation and Products (Regulations 300 - 323)

Poisonous Substances in Food (Regulation 324)

Food Additives (Regulations 325 - 334)

Salt (Regulations 335 - 336)

Sweeting Agents (Regulations 337 - 343)

Vinegar (Regulations 344 - 351)

Tea (Regulations 352 - 354)

Marine and Fresh Water Animal Product (Regulations 355 - 367)

Poultry, Poultry Meat, their Preparations and Product (Regulations 368 - 384)

Soft Drinks (Regulations 385 - 388)

Vitamins, Mineral Nutrients and Amino Acids in Food (Regulations 389 - 409)

Food Hygiene (Regulations 410 - 422)

Miscellaneous (Regulation 423) 

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