Policy - Food grade (table or cooking) salt regulations, 2019

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National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
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Legislation relevant to nutrition


Legislation Details

1. Scope:
These Regulations shall apply to any salt used as an ingredient of food for direct use by consumers and for food manufacture or as a carrier of food additive and nutrients and shall, meet the standard requirement for food grade salt as set out in these Regulations.

9. Labelling of food grade salt.

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of the Pre-packaged Food (Labelling) Regulations of 2019, the following specific provisions shall apply -

(a) the name of the product as declared on the label shall be “salt”;
(b) the name “salt” shall have a prefix of “food grade” or “table” or “cooking salt”;
(c) where the salt contains one or more cyanide salts added to the brine during the crystallization step, the term “dendritic” shall be included to accompany the name;
(d) when the salt is used as a carrier for one or more nutrients and labelled as such for public health reasons, the name of the product shall be declared properly on the label as “Salt fluoridated”, “salt iodated”, “salt iodized”, “salt fortified with iron”, “Salt fortified with vitamins”, or as prescribed by the Agency.
(e) For the fortification of food gradesalt with iodine,use can be made of sodium and potassium iodides or iodates.
(f) The production of iodized food grade salts hall only be performed by reliable manufacturers having the knowledge and the equipment requisite for the adequate production of iodized food grade salt, and specifically, for the correct dosage and even inter mixing

10. Nutrient content claims

A salt product shall not be represented as "Reduced in Sodium" unless it contains at least 25% less sodium than regular table salt, labelled with the difference in the amount of sodium by percentage, fraction or milligrams.

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