Action - GNPR 2009-2010: Vitamin and mineral nutrition - Complementary food fortification - Infants and young children

Programme: GNPR 2009-2010: Vitamin and mineral nutrition

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These programmes and actions were reported by countries for the WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review 2009-2010, Module 5 on Vitamin and mineral nutrition. Please note that for simplicity, all interventions in a thematic module have been combined under the same programme for GINA, while they may not be implemented as a package and may have different partners. These data are currently being updated and completed through the GINA verification process. If you think you can help update and complete any of these data, please sign up to GINA and edit.

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WHO (2013) Global Nutrition Policy Review. What does it take to scale up nutrition action?

The Global nutrition policy review is based on a questionnaire survey conducted during 2009–2010, in which 119 WHO Member States and 4 territories participated.

Target group: 
Infants and young children
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Fortification of Complementary foods was reported during the WHO Global Nutrition Policy Review (GNPR) 2009-2010. Mandatory fortification. Local production. Import. 165 thousand tons per year in 2008. Subsidized product.

Coverage level (%): 
Mandatory fortification

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