Policy - Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2008 - 2012

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Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
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Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


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Targets for the EDPRS for 2012

3.3.9 Improve health status and slow down population growth

3.31 … The incidence of chronic malnutrition (stunting) among the under- fives is planned to fall from 45% to 35%, while the prevalence of anaemia among women aged 15- 49 is scheduled to decrease from 33% to 20%. …

3.32 It is planned that the percentage of the population living within one hour of a functioning health centre will rise from 58% to 70%, and the proportion of health centres and hospitals equipped to provide a comprehensive preventive and curative health care package covering family planning, nutrition and infectious diseases will increase from 45% to 70%. …

3.37 As for nutrition, the proportion of under-fives with anaemia is planned to fall from 56% to 35%, while the corresponding proportion for those underweight is scheduled to decline from 23% to 14%. The percentage of women who are undernourished according to the Body Mass Index, i.e. BMI<18.5, should fall from 20% to 13%. Environmental health and domestic hygiene will be improved by reducing the proportion of households without access to safe drinking water from 19.5% to 5%, and the proportion without latrines from 5% to 0%.

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WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

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