Policy - Fifth National Development Plan

End year:
Published by:
Republic of Zambia
Published year:
December 2006
Is the policy document adopted?:
No / No information
Type of policy:
Multisectoral development plan with nutrition components


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 

Food and Nutrition goal:  To achieve sustainable food and nutrition security.

Agriculture goal:  To promote increased and sustainable agricultural production, productivity and competitiveness in order to ensure food security; income generation; creation of employment opportunities; and reduction in poverty levels.

Health goal: To improve the health status of the people in Zambia in order to contribute to socioeconomic development in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Water and Sanitation goal: To promote sustainable water resources development and sanitation with a view to facilitating an equitable provision of adequate quantity and quality for all users at acceptable costs and ensuring security of supply under varying conditions.

HIV/AIDS goal: To halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Environment goal: To reverse environmental damage, maintain essential environmental and biological processes and ensure sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of the people.


Objectives included in the matrix of the attached PDF

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