Policy - Sierra Leone National Food and Nutrition Security Policy 2012 - 2016

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Ministry of Health and Sanitation
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Type of policy:
Comprehensive national nutrition policy, strategy or plan


Goals, objectives or targets related to nutrition: 


The overall goal of the National Food and Nutrition Policy is to contribute to the improved health, social and economic well-being of all the people in Sierra Leone, especially women, children and other nutritionally vulnerable groups.


General Objective:

To improve the current nutritional status of the population, especially infants and young children, pregnant and lactating women and other vulnerable groups in Sierra Leone

Specific Objectives (SO):

I. To undertake advocacy for policy makers, policy advisors and programme designers at national and district levels on nutrition and its relationship to development.
II. To actively promote and facilitate adequate household food security (quantity, quality and safety) to satisfy the daily dietary needs of the population.
III. To promote adoption of appropriate feeding practices by households.
IV. To strengthen preventive measures against nutrition related diseases
V. To provide curative services to individuals who are either malnourished or present a condition requiring diet therapy.
VI. To institute a nutritional surveillance system for monitoring the food and nutrition situation in the country.
VII. To promote operational research and periodic surveys into food and nutrition issues
VIII. To coordinate activities of relevant agencies involved in food and nutrition issues


WHO 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review 2016-2017

Further notes: 

The Food and Nutrition Security Implementation Plan has been aligned with the WHA Global Nutrition Targets as follows: 1) Stunting (baseline: 34%, 2017 target: 28.5%); 2) Anaemia in women of reproductive age (baseline: 45%, 2017 target: 36%), anaemia in children (baseline: 76%, 2017 target: 51%); 3) Low birth weight; 4) Child overweight (baseline: 8%, 2017 target: 5.6%); 5) Exclusive breastfeeding (baseline: 32%, 2017 target: 60%); and, 6) Wasting (baseline: 6.9%, 2017 target: 4.8%).

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