The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance

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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
5.5.3 Preparation for the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on universal health coverage

I am Dr. Stephen Connor from the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance. The WHPCA are excited by the opportunities of the UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage. We look forward to strong commitments and a clear action plan for how Universal Health Coverage by 2030 will become a reality. This must ensure commitments across the spectrum of essential health services from promotion, prevention, treatment rehabilitation and palliative care. An essential package of palliative care is estimated at just $3 per capita per year in low and income countries but we are concerned that progress is slow in making this package a reality for people. The WHPCA request that WHO support the strong inclusion of concrete actions towards access to palliative care and palliative care medications as a crucial part of the essential health services within UHC at the meeting including strong language, dedicated targets and budgetary commitments to making that happen. In addition, we request that WHO ensures that the voices of 61.5 million people who experience serious health related suffering are heard at the High-Level Meeting recognising that less than 10% receive the palliative care that they need.