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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
6.6.2 Water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities

World Vision applauds the WHO for bringing attention and leadership to the critical state of WASH in health care facilities, particularly with the ground-breaking 2015 global assessment. The current call to ensure 100% of healthcare facilities have basic WASH services by 2030 is essential to improve quality of care and reduce mortality and morbidity. We support WHO’s efforts to accelerate advocacy, monitoring, national standards, and joint health and WASH implementation.

Drawing on our experience providing water in more than two thousand health facilities across 39 countries, we underline the critical importance that all efforts to improve WASH in health care facilities are aligned to SDG standards, as part of an overall health systems strengthening approach.

We call on Member States to heed this rallying cry and work tirelessly until the quality of care in all levels of health care facilities is up to standard and safe for patients and staff.

To this end, we call on Member States to give attention to two critical WASH interventions:
1. Assuring that water and soap for hand hygiene and cleaning is provided at all points of care – with extra priority in labour and delivery wards and antenatal care units.
2. Investing in the entire waste management system, ensuring that systems and structures are in place to keep infectious waste away from human contact and properly dispose of all medical waste.

World Vision welcomes the establishment of an advisory group and stands ready to provide input and support. We are committed to adding our voice to the multi-stakeholder global campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to improve the state of WASH in all healthcare facilities by 2030.