World Federation of Public Health Associations

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Seventy-first World Health Assembly (A71/1)
Agenda Item: 
11.6 Global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property

The World Federation of Public Health Associations is an international, nongovernmental organization composed of over 100 member associations, mostly multidisciplinary national public health associations, and representing around 5 million public health professionals worldwide. It is the only global professional society representing and serving the broad field of public health (PH). The WFPHA salutes the global strategy and plan of action on innovation and intellectual property (A71/13). The research and development capacities should include clinical trials and disease oriented activities, particularly those with a focus on health and well-being, rather than on diseases.The WFPHA acknowledges the efforts for mHealth, (EB142/20) Use of appropriate digital technologies for PH. The goal to reach health for all will inevitably utilize digital technologies, we seek to integrate emerging technologies into our health systems.If PH practitioners and institutions embrace technology, as they must do in response to consumer market demands, we have to be aware of how they’re applied across different models of society. PH must build and maintain the trust of the public by ensuring individual rights and privileges are preserved. In using data for research, PH must also address ethical considerations with the responsible use of “big data” in the interests of the public’s health. We already know about the accomplishments, limitations, and consequences (both intended and unintended) of using these technologies in PH and clinical medicine. As the digital technology industry continues to grow, all PH professionals should be fully aware of the effects and examine the pressures that can indirectly influence their basic values. Engaged PH stakeholders have the responsibility to take a proactive role and express the views of the society we seek to protect. Our vision is for a society where technology enhances access and equity towards health for all.