World Federation of Neurology

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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
7.1 WHO reform processes, including the transformation agenda, and implementation of the United Nations development system reform

At the WHA.71 the WFN joined with Member States and Non State Actors in calling for (1) a new report on the implementation of the resolution WHA 68.20 to be prepared and discussed again at the 74th World Health Assembly in 2021 and (2) for the development of a Global Action plan on epilepsy.
The WFN notes with disappointment the decision by the Officers of the Executive Board of the WHO to defer to a future session of the Executive Board, consideration on “Further actions to address the global burden of epilepsy and its health and social implications at the country level”
The GBND (2018) recently released updated figures for the burden of epilepsy. In 2015 the WHA approved unanimously Resolution 68.20 on the “Global Burden of Epilepsy and the Need for Coordinated Action at the Country Level to Address its Health, Social and Public Knowledge Implications”. However, the implementation of this landmark resolution is still incomplete. Major gaps in awareness, diagnosis and treatment permit the continued devastation of the lives of millions of people with epilepsy world-wide: gaps that can be addressed readily through a highly cost-effective, coordinated action plan.

Epilepsy remains scourge in the world with drastic impact on the neurological, physical, emotional, social and financial health of those who suffer from it – most often needlessly for the want of regular medication and basic support. The WFN calls on the Officers of the Executive Board to to include the item on epilepsy into the Agenda of the 144 WHO Executive Board in order to   develop a “Global action plan for epilepsy”and  prepare a new report on the implementation of the WHA Resolution 68.20, to be discussed  at the 74th WHA in 2021