Union for International Cancer Control

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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
5.5.3 Preparation for the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on universal health coverage

Thank you for opportunity to deliver this statement on behalf of UICC.
The successful implementation of universal health coverage (UHC) will help in both the achievement of Goal 3 of Agenda 2030 and will support progress across the other Goals. The upcoming meeting on UHC therefore provides us with a timely opportunity to ensure that national plans serve as a comprehensive framework to coordinate action to ensure that nobody is left behind.
Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality globally, claiming 9.6 million lives and the cost of inadequately treated cancer has exceeded US$895bn. It is also a disease of inequity and so we urge member states to accelerate action on cancer to fulfil the promise of UHC.
We encourage Member States to draw on the expertise in Geneva throughout preparations for the meeting to deliver a political declaration that:
• Supports strong and sustainable health systems to deliver people centred-care for cancer. The primary health care approach offers a strong foundation for prevention, early detection, screening, but this must be complemented by referral through to diagnosis and treatment to reduce mortality. We encourage Member States to consider cervical cancer elimination effort as a foundation for this, as progress can be made in all countries.
• Focuses on improving health equity. Addressing the needs of poorest and most marginalised is the essence of UHC, but this requires accurate data. The inclusion of cancer patients, clinical staff and cancer registry data provide the qualitative and quantitative information needed for effective policies.
• Increases investment in cancer and NCDs, core services such as surgery, imaging and palliative care build health system capacities for all patients. We urge Member States adopt a ‘one health’ approach to identify synergies between all health issues and leverage existing guidance to build strong health systems.
We stand ready to support Member States on this journey.