Union for International Cancer Control

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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
6.5 Accelerating cervical cancer elimination

Thankyou for the opportunity to deliver this statement on behalf of UICC supported by ESMO, NCDA, RAD-AID, IOMP, ISR, IHPCA and WHPCA.
In the face of the ever-increasing burden of NCDs, now 41 million deaths annually or 71% of all deaths globally, it is a pleasure to see discussions focus on saving lives and the ambition to eliminate cervical cancer globally.
The ambition recognises the rising burden of this preventable cancer which now costs 311,000 lives and 570,000 avoidable diagnoses per year. 90% of deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries underscoring the inequity in access to prevention, early detection and disease management. This cancer is undermining the health gains for women in our communities made through improved maternal health and HIV care.
Thank you to Member States for aiming to accelerate elimination, harnessing the lifecourse and integration with strategies on NCDs, child, adolescent and womens health, HIV, Hepatitis and STIs.
-We commend the comprehensive approach to elimination and inclusion of pain relief. We highlight the opportunity to build health workforce capacities, not only for prevention but also for rapid referral and timely treatment and palliation of women suffering with this devasting disease. Strengthening our health systems will be key to accelerating towards elimination in all countries.
-We encourage Member States' full engagement in the planned consultation on a global acceleration strategy and call for inclusion of civil society organisations in this process. We also encourage the DG to consider an online consultation to facilitate broad CSO input.
-Action to eliminate cervical cancer embodies the essence of UHC and the SDGs, we call for a focus on social protection of those at highest risk in our communities and support for countries with the highest burdens so they can take immediate action.
We take up the challenge to eliminate cervical cancer and stand ready to support WHO and Member States in this.