Public Services International

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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Antimicrobial resistance

PSI welcomes progress report on the Global Action Plan and commends WHO’s coordination of the interagency coordination group. We urge MS to commit resources to the envisaged multipartner trust fund, to enable effective implementation of the 2019-2020 tripartite workplan on AMR.
The finalisation of national action plans by 117 countries demonstrates global realisation of AMR as a growing public health challenge. It is important to leave no cadre in the health team behind in developing and implementing these NAPs.
As a global union federation representing over 14 million health workers of diverse professional backgrounds, PSI applauds WHO’s development of a competency framework for health workers, and its interprofessional approach. Unions need to be involved, and tripartite social dialogue encouraged for well-rounded application, engendered by collective sense of ownership.
Improved quality of health services is essential to dam the tide of AMR. We thus implore MS’ reaffirmation of a systems approach to improving the management of infection and infectious diseases, as well as the physical environment as a determinant of health.
Simply making an economic case for sustainable investment does not put people over profit. We call on MS to include much needed regulation of the pharmaceutical industry in the resolution.