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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
12.4 Promoting the health of refugees and migrants

PSI welcomes the Draft Global Action Plan on Promoting the Health of Refugees and Migrants (2019-2023). We see this as essential to the implementation of the UN Global Compact on Refugees and the UN Global Compact on Migration. We therefore strongly encourage all MS to commit to its implementation through equitable responsibility-sharing.

All refugees and migrants, regardless of status, are entitled to the full respect of their human right to health. Access to quality public health services must be guaranteed without fear or discrimination. PSI’s Right to Health Campaign is about guaranteeing this right for all.

PSI carries out capacity building for our frontline workers in the MENA countries to promote access of migrants and refugees to quality public services. We expanded this work to include internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria, where our members, the health workers themselves, are among those who are displaced. We support the #NotATarget campaign.

PSI has various materials, tools and strategies on the ground in defending the right to health for refugees and migrants. We look forward to collaborating with the WHO in implementing the Global Action Plan.