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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Global action on patient safety

We support the emphasis on PHC and involvement of patients and their communities in the report. However, it is unclear why the Secretariat separates quality of care from patient safety. These components are interlinked. To achieve both components, there needs to be regulated actions and improvement of public financing and structuring of the health services and systems.

In 2015 WHO published standards on clinical trials, detailing that registration and reporting of trials within 12 months of completion was a “scientific, ethical, and moral responsibility". Yet many clinical trial results are not being reported, leading to incomplete or misleading pictures of harms and benefits of treatments; use of suboptimal or harmful products; duplicated research and wasted public funds. This also slows down vaccine development and pandemic response. This contradicts the principles of the Helsinki declaration.

If the focus of the clinical trial is to advance the development of medications that address a patient's health problem, it must take into account patient safety from conception, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of the study. This can be accomplished by assessing and mitigating hazards during execution to protect the patient and do no harm.

We support the obligation of MS to prevent conflicts of interest by using a public institution to collect the study criteria and protocol, ensuring transparency of the outcomes and upholding the rights of patients including the right of control patients to receive treatment paid by the sponsor in case of favorable evidence.

We urge MS to support this resolution and provide adequate funding to WHO. We encourage WHO and MS to consider the intersection of patient safety and quality of care when implementing this resolution. MS need to work together to reduce the risk of unnecessary harm to a minimum.