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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases

This statement is from MMI, supported by PHM and TWN.

We have three key points to highlight.

First, according to the report, the Secretariat is planning to hold six monthly dialogues with the food and beverage; pharmaceuticals; alcohol and sports industries. The report does not provide information on whether an assessment of the risks of conflict of interest has been carried out on any of the planned dialogues and partnership initiatives to ensure that the integrity, independence, and credibility of the institution and its normative functions are protected.

Secondly, FENSA obligates the Secretariat to take particular caution while engaging with those in the private sector and other NSAs whose policies or activities are negatively affecting human health and are not in line with WHO’s policies, norms, and standards - in particular, those related to NCDs and their determinants. We would like WHO to publish the details of the exercise of  "particular caution" done over the last three years.

Finally, access to health products is critical for the management of NCDs. In this regard, we call upon the Secretariat to implement the WHA 67.21 resolution, which requested the DG to convene a meeting of the Expert Committee of Biological Standardisation and to update the WHO’s Biosimilar marketing approval Guideline. Instead of updating the Guideline, the Secretariat has issued a Q&A. We thus call upon the Secretariat to respect and implement the WHA resolution.