International Society of Nephrology

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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Primary health care towards universal health coverage

Honorable chair, distinguished delegates,
We welcome the WHO Report’s emphasis on primary health care (PHC) as a key foundation
to successfully achieving UHC. PHC has been shown to increase efficiency by improving
access to prevention and health education, providing early diagnosis and treatment for many
conditions, and ensuring people-centered care that focuses on the needs of the whole person,
increases the overall health of the community by bringing essential healthcare to peoples’
doorsteps and reduces the need for expensive hospital care.
In this context, kidney diseases can be prevented by timely and appropriate management of
risk factors, and their progression can be or delayed through early diagnosis and affordable &
equitable access to quality therapy and follow up. Despite strong evidence of the effectiveness
of these measures, most people who can benefit from such interventions do not get it. Access
to primary care interventions remains highly inequitable within and across countries.
We thus call on member states to:
• Meet people’s health needs through comprehensive and integrated health service
delivery throughout the life course by providing quality primary care which includes
screening of at-risk populations, universal access to essential diagnostics, increased
use of generics, availability of affordable basic technologies & essential medicines,
creating a well trained and resourced healthcare workforce and developing equitable
financing mechanisms.
• Ensure that primary care interventions address the growing burden of multiple comorbidities
• Empower individuals, families and communities by promoting a people-centered
rather than disease-centered approach to care delivery.
Thank you