International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation

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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Primary health care towards universal health coverage

Honorable Chair, distinguished delegates,

It is a great honour to speak on behalf of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) which represents over 350,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates in 90 countries worldwide.

With the aim of ensuring quality and essential health services for everyone without exposing people to financial hardship, UHC is built on the foundations of equity in human rights with health services being allocated based on people’s needs. IPSF commends the renewed political commitment to primary health care as a key to achieving UHC through the Astana Declaration. Furthermore, IPSF commends Member States on their commitment to supporting the achievement of Triple Billion Goals which include one billion more people benefitting from UHC.

For several years, IPSF has been advocating for UHC. With the involvement of pharmacists to ensure the availability of good quality medicines and effective systems for optimal use of medicines, UHC can be made possible by 2030. IPSF is calling on the youth of today, pharmacists of tomorrow to join in this momentum and acknowledge the importance of staying professional and competent in this field. The Federation is committed in supporting the global health to achieve Universal health coverage by engaging in the partnership with UHC2030, organising the World Congress in Rwanda focusing on UHC topic and by advocating for quality, equitable, and accessible health services for all.

IPSF calls the Member States to support the primary health care focal points emphasized by the Astana Declaration and urges them to deliver primary health care in multidisciplinary team in which the community health workers play a vital role.

Thank you for your attention.