International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics

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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
6.5 Accelerating cervical cancer elimination

FIGO welcomes the Director-General’s report on Accelerating cervical cancer elimination the critical focus on vaccination, screening and treatment.

We note that a vast inequity exists, and that without urgent scale up of services, deaths from this preventable and treatable cancer could increase by almost 50% above 2018 levels.

During FIGO World Congress in Rio, we presented our ‘Global Declaration on Cervical Cancer Elimination’ to unite the FIGO membership with WHO in ensuring “coordinated action globally to eliminate cervical cancer by making sure that all women and girls have equal access to life-saving prevention technologies and services”.

We publicly declared that we agree to undertake efforts to support the promotion of the following actions for impact for girls and women worldwide:
• Advocate for national cervical cancer strategies which align with the global call to elimination
• Establish capacity building efforts to expand the knowledge and skills of our membership to contribute to national elimination programmes
• Support countries in rolling out the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls and cervical cancer screening and adequate management for older women
• Contribute expertise to the emerging elimination programme of work, particularly supporting WHO and UNFPA updates of guidelines and technical guidance and their dissemination
• Harness FIGO collaborations and partnerships to promote cervical cancer elimination efforts in the context of overall wellbeing of women

Prevention is more effective than treatment, and treatment more effective than neglect. FIGO members are embedded on the frontlines of health, wellbeing and equity for women in 132 countries, and we are committed to solving this preventable tragedy.

We are delighted to have expert FIGO representatives actively contributing to the WHO’s work in accelerating cervical cancer elimination, and would be honoured to expand our efforts with your committees as this work goes forward.