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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
- Primary health care towards universal health coverage

GHC, supported by ACTION, AAP, CHIC, FHWC, IntraHealth, PAI, Living Goods, IFPA & NCD Child note the following: We are pleased with the emphasis on PHC as a pathway to UHC, but PHC must extend beyond the facility level to the community. We commend the operational framework’s emphasis on inclusion & accountability. We emphasize PHC must address socio-economic barriers & remove point-of-care fees that block access to care. PHC’s focus must integrate promotion, prevention & care for all ages, to reflect a life-course approach, including NCDs, sustainable immunization, integrated TB/HIV treatment, sexual & reproductive health services & proper nutrition. WHO must support all countries to implement comprehensive PHC while ensuring transition & co-financing from multilaterals to promote health systems strengthening. Health services must be age appropriate & evidence based. WHO must achieve UHC targets in the GPW essential to health promotion, prevention, treatment & palliative care including mental health services. We urge adoption of recommended areas for discussion, centrally “national planning & resource allocation processes, corresponding governance, management & financing implications.” We applaud interlinkages between PHC reforms & health workforce development. Community health workers must be accredited & equipped evidence-based tools & technology, rigorous supervision & a fair salary, to provide care without out of pocket fees or financial hardship to the patient. Team-based, task-sharing service delivery should promote access to a full spectrum of healthcare providers.We urge
Member States to use health systems evaluation to identify gaps in the system's ability to provide accessible, affordable & quality health care. Lastly, the Nurturing Care Framework which provides practical guidance for health systems that engage children & their caregivers must be highlighted in the operational framework.