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144th session of the Executive Board<br>24 January - 1 February 2019
Agenda Item: 
5.5.1 Primary health care towards universal health coverage

We are pleased with the emphasis on PHC as a pathway to UHC, but PHC must extend beyond the facility level to the community.

We commend the operational framework’s emphasis on inclusion and accountability. We emphasize PHC must address barriers at the primary care level, such as an inadequate frontline health workforce, to access essential health services for underserved populations. PHC’s focus on health promotion and prevention, must prioritize services for children and youth, to reflect a life-course approach, including NCDs, sustainable immunization, integrated TB/HIV treatment and proper nutrition.

WHO must support all countries to implement comprehensive PHC while ensuring transition and co-financing from multilaterals to promote health systems strengthening. Health services must be age appropriate, evidence based and cost effective. WHO must achieve UHC targets in the GPW essential to health promotion, prevention, treatment, and palliative care including mental health services.

We urge adoption of the recommended areas for discussion, centrally “the national planning and resource allocation processes, corresponding governance, management and financing implications.” We applaud interlinkages between PHC reforms and health workforce development.

Community health workers must be equipped with appropriate training, tools and technology. Team-based, task-sharing service delivery should be integrated to promote access to a full spectrum of healthcare providers.

We urge Member States to adopt a life-course approach to health systems evaluation to facilitate identification of gaps in system’s abilities to meet the need for accessible, affordable, appropriate and effective health care. Lastly, the Nurturing Care Framework which provides practical guidance for all health systems that engage children and their caregivers must be highlighted in the operational framework.