Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative

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Seventy-second World Health Assembly (A72/1)
Agenda Item: 
11.7 Access to medicines and vaccines

DNDi welcomes the implementation Roadmap. Our experience is aligned with its approach, to integrate considerations of access throughout the R&D process. We support further work on regulatory pathways.

Transparency on costs of R&D is a central element of DNDI’s policy. We put as much information into the public domain as possible, including all clinical trial data, our actual R&D costs and related financing flows, including the in-kind contributions from our partners where they provide them.

We consider transparency important to:
1) Advance scientific knowledge – progress is based on openness and collaborative practices
2) Demonstrate value for money of investments by our public and private funders,
3) Incentivize further funding for public and private investment in R&D and inform new public funding policies

Discussions around costing must of course be sophisticated, taking into account different business models, portfolios & technologies. Nevertheless, transparency remains for us a matter of public accountability for any institution seeking the benefit of public support and claiming to be engaged in supporting the SDGs.