Measuring and Monitoring Universal Health Coverage in the Context of Population Ageing


April-December 2019

Implementing partners:

Iran University of Medical Sciences

Location of research:


Total Budget:
US$ 20,000


The global standard of reference for measuring and monitoring UHC is a framework developed by WHO and World Bank. It is expected that the indicators for monitoring UHC will need to be adapted to local contexts to ensure their relevance in a rapidly changing environment. Specifically, as health development and population ageing progress in countries globally, increasingly more countries, including low- and middle-income countries, will need to adapt their measurement and monitoring of UHC so that they are more relevant to assess the health systems response to population ageing.


Partners will carry out a scoping review of global literature assess how countries have approached measuring coverage and financial protection in light of population ageing. From this review, a framework will be developing using Delphi methods to gather expert opinions on conceptualizing coverage and financial protection, and the implications for low- and middle-income settings. The framework will be validated in country.