"Geo-trace" materials shared among the GISRS' actors
What is IVTM?

In November 2007, the Intergovernmental meeting (IGM) on Pandemic influenza preparedness: sharing of influenza viruses and access to vaccines and other benefits, requested that WHO develop an Influenza Virus Traceability Mechanism (IVTM) to track all influenza viruses of pandemic potential contributed by WHO Member States to the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS). This IVTM allows the users to trace the geographic transfer of such influenza viruses (Geotrace) and to view the Derivation Tree for the same.

To start a Geotrace, click on the Map or "Map" button on home page, select a laboratory, a year, a shipment and a material. The Geotrace will then display geographic shipment tracks, if any, for the selected material. With each displayed Geotrace, you can search for and view any Derivation Trees developed by clicking on the button "Link to derivation tree". From this Derivation Tree, you may also start a Geotrace for any derived material by clicking on icon
IVTM allows public users to view Geotrace and Derivation Tree in a transparent manner. GISRS users may use "Lab login" to enter and use the system.
What's New?

Launch of IVTM- December 2010

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Tutorials(IVTM reviews and developments have been performed, thus tutorials might not align with the actual IVTM usage. New tutorial will be posted soon)

Introduction | How to geotrace the shipments of materials | How to search for materials | How to search for materials and shipments
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