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Introduction des vaccins antirotavirus - Informations à l'intention des décideurs, des administrateurs de programmes et des agents de santé.  WHO/IVB/13.08F PDF only
Introduction of rotavirus vaccines - Information for policy makers, programme managers, and health workers  WHO/IVB/13.08 PDF only
The Immunological Basis for Immunization. Module 21: Rotavirus  ISBN 978 92 4 150264 1 PDF only
Introduction of rotavirus vaccines into national immunization programmes  WHO/IVB/09.09 PDF only
Manual of Rotavirus Detection and Characterization Methods  WHO/IVB/08.17 13C
Post-marketing surveillance of rotavirus vaccine safety  WHO/IVB/09.01 PDF only
Generic protocol for monitoring impact of rotavirus vaccination on gastroenteritis disease burden and viral strains  WHO/IVB/08.16 1234
Generic protocol for hospital-based surveillance to estimate the disease burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children < 5 years of age. Field test version.  WHO/V&B/02.15 1324
Report of the meeting on future directions for rotavirus vaccine research in developing countries. Geneva, 9-11 Feb 2000  WHO/V&B/00.23 2D

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