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SAGE working group on vaccination in acute humanitarian emergencies: a framework for decision making (WHO/IVB/13.07)
 (90 pages) in English -- 29 Oct 2013
Vaccine preventable diseases constitute a significant proportion of infectious diseases of public health importance in humanitarian emergencies. The focus of this document is on humanitarian emergency settings and it aims to provide an approach for deciding which vaccines, if pre-emptively and properly delivered at the outset of an emergency, would constitute high priority public-health interventions and would reduce avoidable death and disease. It will assist the user to determine thoughtfully, deliberately, ethically and rationally whether or not the delivery of one or more vaccines to specific target populations during the acute phase of an emergency, would result in an overall saving of lives, a reduction in mortality and morbidity, a reduction in the burden placed upon already strained health services, and more generally a contribution to more favourable social outcomes

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