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Monitoring immunization services using the lot quality technique (WHO/VRD/TRAM/96.01)
 by Robertson, S (120 pages) in English  VAM -- 25 Apr 2000
The lot-quality (LQ) technique is designed to identify health centres or other health service units that are not meeting coverage targets or other standards. This manual focuses first on the LQ technique as an adjunct for supervision. A second focus of the manual is use of the LQ method to assess immunization coverage. An LQ immunization coverage survey is similar to a 30-cluster immunization coverage survey, but it has added benefits in that: it can be used in populations less than 30 000 persons; it has the ability to identify pockets of low performance; and it provides more precise overall estimates of coverage. The lot-quality technique may be modified to assess other health services such as antenatal care or vitamin A delivery, to conduct serologic studies, and to judge the quality of health records. (Cross reference: Section 7.1: General training or training-associated document)

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