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GOARN COVID-19 Research Response

Fueled by a novel virus, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demand on research to inform evidence-based response. GOARN connects the dots between multidisciplinary evidence, technical guidance, and frontline response.

Our goal is to ensure GOARN network partners and in-country stakeholders have technical guidance, capabilities, and tools needed to:

  • characterize COVID-19 within their local or regional context
  • draw from the latest evidence to implement better response
  • evaluate their response and mitigate secondary impacts

Looking for established research and investigation protocols for COVID-19? You can find survey instruments, data collection tools, and protocols for investigations on a variety of topics from clinical trials to rapid community assessments. Click “Tools and Protocols” for more information.

Click “Research Standards” to find the latest information on research collaborations in the midst of a pandemic. Guidance here includes ensuring equitable and impactful research, data sharing, and publication.

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 findings? Find evidence reviews of current COVID-19 hot topics, daily COVID-19 publications tagged by topic area, and a breakdown of the many publication databases. Want to request a search from an experienced medical librarian? Click on “Emerging COVID-19 Evidence” for more information.